CKC Breed Standard – Eurasier – Group 3 – Working
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Origin and Purpose

In 1960 a breed was evolved by crossing a Chow Chow and a Wolfspitz.This was first called “Wolf-Chow” and then, after crossing with a Samoyed,was re-named “Eurasier” (Eurasian) and recognized by the F.C.I.

General Appearance

Balanced, well constructed medium sized dog of Spitz type with prickears and coming in varied colours. Length of coat should be such as stillto reveal the body proportions. With medium bone.


Self assured, calm, even tempered with high resistance against any provocation. Watchful and alert without being noisy. Very strongly developed link to his family. Reserved towards strangers without being aggressive. No hunting instinct. For the full development of these qualities, the Eurasier needs constant close domestic contact with his family and understanding, yet consistent training.

Size and Proportion

Length of back slightly longer than height at withers. The ratio of length of muzzle and length of cranial region is almost equal.

Height at Withers:

Dogs: 52-60 cm
Bitches: 48-56 cm


Dogs: 23-32 kg
Bitches: 18-26 kg

The balance of the proportions is most important but the ideals to aim for are Dogs - 56 cm, 26 kg and Bitches - 52 cm, 22 kg.


Tight, well pigmented.
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